No Back and Forth

Lyrics to ‘No Back and Forth’ by Dave East:

.. Food stamps with checks, and no dental plan (Ghetto)
We bagged the raw, used to let it dry with the ceiling fan
[??] he watching from the roof, drop it in a can
Package is Saran wrapped, duct tape, paper fill my pants
Recollections on weapons I never purchased
That money had me thirsty, shit I need somthin’ to sip on
Straight to the point, told her I had somethin’ she could sit on
Get love out in Detroit like I’m a piston, your bitch’ gone
At Summer Jam, I told Tee Grizz he had a hit
He told me ain’t it a blessing, we really came up from shit
We wasn’t supposed to win
We was ‘posed to post in the pen
Be carefull aproaching men