No back and forth – Dave East lyrics

This for all the youngin’s thats hustling, they just want a chance(no back and forth)
I remember I just wanted a chance to be able to just move up out the projects
Let the city know how nice I was, I never seen the money coming as fast as it did, I had to boss up over-night
Lot a niggas depended on me
I had pennies on me, got sick of asking niggas what you got on the Henny homie? Now if I give out my number, it’s for business only.(Like 30 on me right now)
Watching Narcos thinking how Pablo did it? Heard Obama gave out pardons, I prayed that Gato get it
I’m low in Denver, in a Colorado rocky’s fitted
Up-to-date with the work, Know about it soon as Papi get it
Nobody gon tell my story like me, I’m a author
You want me on your record it’s gon cost ya
We hit Miami I told Zo just pull-up Kosher
Remember writing Numb, I smoked until a lung got coughed up
Rap beef I avoid, cause my niggas do walk ups
You niggas just talk tough, spin-cycle, washed-up
I’m chilling with millionaires, s**t you niggas call luck
Everybody was down, look at us now, we all up
I just left the Louis store, with Lucci on repeat
White-Tees every day, now it’s new Gucci every week
We knock Gotti, Gucci, Jeezy, Knock Boosie in the streets
Ain’t hard to tell you from the Bottom, all you gotta do is speak
L told me be a legend, if not, f*ck is you rapping for? Now I flip your favourite actress backwards until she ask for more
You couldn’t imagine me breaking mornings right at the store
Did the HellCat with Omelly like we were strapped for war
If I like a beat I just kill that s**t until they ask for more
If I slide your freak, she in her feelings till i’m back on tour
Dre-Mac home, I pray that they open up Scrappy door
I never met him, but we was bagging Macklemore
You play the field you should tackle more no back and forth
Stop going back and forth with these niggas
I need to actually listen to myself
Going back and forth with a lot of these niggas
S**t be funny to me like, I’m still gonna be on the Yacht
On the private Jet with your favourite model
You favourite bottle, f*ck is you talking bout nigga
We after that other bread man
Real Paper
Paranoia coming
East Side
Free Trav, Free Scrap, Free Dida, Dollar My Nigga, Free Bloody
Free Charlieee.(no back and forth)
Dave East lyrics
Video forth Lyrics Dave East – No back and forth
Food stamps WIC checks, and no dental plan (Ghetto)
We bagged the raw, used to let it dry with the ceiling fan
Hand in hand they watching from the roof, drop it in a can
Package is Saran wrapped, duct tape, paper fill my pants
Recollections on weapons I never purchased
That money had me thirsty, s**t I need somthin’ to sip on
Straight to the point, told her I got somethin’ she could sit on
Get love out in Detroit like I’m a piston, your b*tch’ gone
At Summer Jam, I told Tee Grizz he had a hit
He told me ain’t it a blessing, we really came up from s**t
We wasn’t supposed to win
We was ‘posed to post in the pen
Be carefull aproaching men
4:44 shoutout to Hova (Hov)
He till got the culture (still)
Waiting for NAS to drop, paranoia in the holster (strapped)
I come from roaches crawling
Roaches on the walls and roaches in the hall
Smoking roaches til’ im yawning off
In grey visitor, pain sinister
I’d done talked .., state prison sentenced em
No one ever record me talking
Often my talk is Harlem, spark up and park the foreign
I’m talking Target, she walked in Target, the men’s department
We sin so often, my partners run it, these niggas jogging
In Cali, do Venice just to discuss these business offers
I hear the blogs and I hear the talking, I see the pictures
Imagine me meeting Niggas
Instagram got em emotional, I don’t understand
Met with Tommy Hilfiger, 20 minutes, A hundred grand
My next s**t bout to have the city shook like ..