Nichole Nordeman – Hush, Hush (Every Mile Mattered Album)

This is where your ship went down
Right there
Stern and bow
You took on waves
Took on water
You took the blame, even harder
You drug a net across the ocean floor
Beer bottles and a broken oar
You washed on shore beneath the moon
And I’m not sure you want me to
But I’ll put you back together
Hush, hush
You don’t have to have the answers
Hush, hush
I will gather all the branches
I will light a fire for you
Rest your head ‘til you’ve had rest enough
Hush, now hush
Hush, hush
It’s worse in the light of day
It hurts the things they say
You wrote big letters in the sand
You watch the sky and wave your hands
But I love you if they never come
I love you in the scorching sun
One cup of water at a time
‘Til you remember you are mine
And I will love you back together
One cup of water at a time
‘Til you remember you are mine
I am the calm, I am the sea
Your rescue and recovery
And I am the storm that swallowed you
I let you bleed, I thought you knew
And I am the bottom, and I am the floor
I am the deep you never knew before
I let you sink
And I let you go
But I caught you in the undertow
And I am the shore
And I am the flame
And mercy is My name
Hush, hush
Hush now