New Christian Book Empowers Low-Cost Breakthroughs in Home Schooling and Self Learning

Educators and organizational leaders may also wish to apply this method to make their institutions more effective.
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WESTON, Mass., Jan. 9, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ — Students, parents, adults, teachers, educational administrators, and organizational leaders may obtain free electronic copies of a unique, new Christian book, "Breakthrough Learning — Quickly Master the Right Material to Be More Fruitful," that explains how to quickly become highly effective in applying any subject or discipline, as well as how to more effectively teach a discipline. Individuals will be able to learn 20 times faster and be able to apply what is learned to accomplish 8,000 times more.
Seeking, applying, and teaching truth are just three ways of following His commands for loving and serving. ‘Breakthrough Learning’ should enable us to do so better." In writing this book, Donald Mitchell acknowledges a deep debt to our Heavenly Father; the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ; and the Holy Spirit for the content. The author commented, "God directs us to love one another and to serve one another.
Praise God for that! Individuals can enhance their own skills and knowledge with this method. For example, adults who cannot afford advanced education can use the methods in the book to learn from many free online resources provided by major universities. Parents of home-schooled children and those who cannot afford to pay for, but need, more education will particularly benefit. As a result, excellent education is now going to be available to many more people for the first time.
Based on the results there, national efforts will be expanded around the world. The learning method is also intended to be taught at a national level, through a combination of using videos, preparing teachers and local youth to be trainers, and adding the techniques to the study skills curricula in schools, colleges, and universities. Tanzania is the first nation that will be engaged in such an effort.
"Breakthrough Learning" is based on 21 years of research in more than 60 countries by the 400 Year Project to identify how everyone on Earth can accomplish at least 20 times more with the same or less time and resources.
The 400 Year Project conducts research and provides global educational services in how to accomplish much more with existing resources to expand and improve God’s Kingdom.
Free electronic copies of "Breakthrough Learning" may be obtained by sending a request by e-mail to [email protected].