New Book — ‘Silent Night, Holy War’ — Readers Will Celebrate Christmas with Deeper Meaning

17, 2020 /Christian Newswire/ — A new Christmas book release is challenging readers to discover a deeper appreciation of the wonderful gift of God given at Christmas. GETTYSBURG, Penn., Dec.
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Susek’s own revelation. The Dragon of Revelation 12 had attempted to thwart God’s plan and take the life of both the child and His mother–and in doing so–rob mankind of God’s gift of salvation." "After reading Revelation 12 hundreds of times, it suddenly clicked that I was reading the Christmas Story.  The traditional scenes of Luke–of swaddling clothes, and shepherds, and angels singing ‘Glory To God In The Highest’ was superimposed to reveal God’s prospective of what happened on that ‘silent night.’ It was a night when one of the most violent wars between the powers of good and evil raged in the unseen world above the cave where Christ was born. The book came through Dr.
ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Dr. His newest book, The Assyrian Prophecy is a forthcoming must read of 2021.  Ron Susek is an ordained minister, evangelist, Bible scholar and founder of Susek Evangelistic Association (SEA).

In "Silent Night, Holy War" Dr. Ron Susek explains the story of Christ’s birth from the familiar Christmas story of Luke to the remarkable vision of the apostle John in the Book of Revelation.
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It was after His death and resurrection that Jesus raised John up from his dank prison cell on the Isle of Patmos to the heavenly realm. There He showed John the "revelation" –taking him back to the panoramic view in the spirit realm on that night in Bethlehem.  Revealed to mankind through the prism of God’s eye, John saw and recorded the violent clash between the kingdoms of light and the realm of darkness that raged at the birth of God’s Son. The ominous events that rumbled in the invisible realm over Bethlehem would have gone unknown to the world had Jesus not chosen to reveal them to John the Apostle nearly a century after the Lord’s birth.
The book is true to scripture–written in what the author describes as a "faction style of breathing life into the biblical text and characters."
Understanding the war that was won and the price that was paid can only give a deeper understanding and meaning of the true cost of God’s priceless gift to us at Christmas."An amazing book–read it with your Bible open…"   Herman Bailey  CTN-TV–host of "It’s Time for Herman & Sharron." By God’s hand, a seemingly helpless child was victorious over the hordes of hell that night in Bethlehem.