New Book Release — ‘Whispers From God’

Faith truly comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.""Whispers From God" may be purchased on line at: To obtain additional information on the book "Whispers From God" or to arrange a book signing or interview, contact the author, Jonathan Long, at [email protected]. Jonathan Long is a creative teacher and prayer warrior for the Kingdom of God. From struggling to grasp the concept of an unconditional loving deity in the heavens to sharing the many layers of his life and matters of the heart that frequently left him speechless with each encounter, Jonathan has vowed to dedicate his life to using his undeniable experiences to help thrust every heart and soul around him into a greater level of awareness of an ever present and ever loving Father who continues to prove himself as God. "Whispers From God" is a weekly devotional. Every encounter with God is a humbling life changing experience. Born in the small town of Roanoke Rapids North Carolina, Jonathan Long was no stranger to the Southern Baptist culture that his community offered but secretly was a self-ascribed atheist hidden from the awareness of all family and friends. 27, 2016 /Christian Newswire/ — LIFE More Publishing is overjoyed to announce the release of the book, "Whispers From God" by Jonathan Long. Through rich moments of prayer, we discover the strength of peace along with a joyful confidence that God in heaven speaks to earthly man about everyday affairs."This is a must read for everyone who is struggling hearing God’s voice or accepting that God would speak to them, According to Jonathan Long, "Let this experience be the spiritual gift of hearing. Contact: Sandra Johnson, 641-715-3900 ext 79591  RICHMOND, Va., Dec. The reader is invited to enjoy moments of reassurance and strength as Jonathan Long shares what he received as God’s heart responding to the life of man. According to the author, "When prayers are answered and truth overpowers confusion; it is another milestone in life to be cherished.