New Book Release — ‘I Am Prophecy’

To obtain additional information on the "I am Prophecy" or to arrange a book signing or interview, contact Orin Perry Ministries, [email protected], 252-518-1918

According to Bishop George Bloomer, (Author, National Televangelist, and International Lecturer from Durham, North Carolina), "I Am Prophecy is one of the most comprehensive, well-written, insightful teachings for this millennial generation. The hidden core mysteries of the prophetic, which includes character, integrity, intact-fullness, and God’s grace, are all unraveled. With the recalcitrant operations of ‘Witchcraft in the Pews,’ it’s going to take true prophetic comprehension and divine power with God to eradicate the works of Satan. Are you ready to accept that you are Prophecy?" The revelation that God has downloaded through Prophet Orin Perry in this book will dismantle satanic strongholds and give insight to the hidden places of the prophetic.
Contact: Orin Perry Ministries, 252-518-1918, [email protected]
According to Prophet Perry, "I Am Prophecy Prophetic Preliminaries enlightens the reader by strategically expounding on laws, supernatural legislations, and divine policies of the supernatural that must be kept in order to function in God’s divine grace in the prophetic ministry." I Am Prophecy is necessary read for everyone who desires a greater understanding of prophecy.
Glen A. Staples of the Temple of Praise, Washington, D.C, where he currently serves in sonship. In 2008, God led him to his current spiritual father Bishop Dr. In 2011, Prophet Perry founded The House of Mandate (HOM) in an effort to address church hurts, spiritual obscurity, personal insecurity, and give biblical truths that people can apply to everyday circumstances. Prophet Perry was called to the gospel ministry at the tender age of six.
Prophet Orin Perry – known as a pastor, intellectual, rare orator, an old man incarcerated in a young body, one whom migrates the mind and voice of God to earth, educator, uncle, brother, and loyal friend serves as the Senior Prophet and Founder of the House of Mandate located in Roanoke Rapids, NC. 1" by Pastor and Prophet Orin Perry. RICHMOND, Va., June 5, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ — LIFE More Publishing is overjoyed to announce the release of the book, "I Am Prophecy Prophetic Preliminaries Vol.