New Book Explains how a Palm Beach Pastor went from Atheism to the Pulpit

PALM BEACH, Fla., April 10, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ — The Rev. Dwight Stevens, founder and pastor of the Paramount Church in Palm Beach, FL, answers those questions in his new book, "ATHEIST DOCTOR TO PALM BEACH MINISTER."
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Louis, but his route to finding God, becoming a pastor and founding a church is circuitous – and oftentimes humorous. Along the way, he made stops in San Diego, New York, Boston, London, the French Riviera and the Andes Mountains before founding the Paramount Church in the historic Paramount Theater Building in 1994. His journey includes life with a provincial Italian mother, a college party gone awry, jazz dancing in Greenwich Village, a car crash in Kansas, the trials of becoming a doctor and overcoming heartbreak. Stevens, M.D., Th.D., began his life in the suburbs of St.
Tweet Dwight Stevens, M.D., Th.D., was educated at Washington University in St. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Rev. Louis, University of Missouri Medical School, New York University Skin & Cancer Unit and South Florida Bible College & Theological Seminary.
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The book is a fast-paced saga of an accomplished and well-traveled man who didn’t believe in God until the continued, fervent prayers of a few of his dermatology patients broke through. It culminated in a spiritual awakening that has led to more than thirty years of unshakable faith in God, Jesus Christ and the Bible.
How does a man go from being an atheist medical doctor to becoming a minister and founding a church in Palm Beach?Contact: Rev. Dwight Stevens, 561-310-5815, [email protected]