NBA YoungBoy Looks Like Tupac After Using Shave Head Snapchat Filter

One fan abreast of the situation pointed out that the video is actually from months ago and denounced bloggers resharing it now. The statement sparked a widespread conversation and, in some instances, debates about its validity, though it was unclear if it was a simple jest. Tupac is rolling over in his grave? NLE Choppa or NBA Youngboy
— What You Expect? “It’s crazy how he can do this but when nle did it his [YB] fans were hating,” another said.
— Daily Trap? — ITSDAMAYOR (@ericgowapshawty) February 11, 2021

Facebook he now resembles tupac? Though perhaps more satirical than constructive, rapper Trippie Redd once said YoungBoy Never Broke Again is the new Pac. Fans in the comment section of the Instagram post recalled the previous “YB is Pac” season with one writing, “Here come the Tupac comparisons.”
Someone put a Tupac filter on nba youngboy
— My Mixtapez (@mymixtapez) February 11, 2021

A majority of those so inclined to chime in also drew comparisons to NLE Choppa, who recently showed out for Instagram in a full-out Tupac fit. YoungBoy has replenished the thought, and the 2Pac comparisons have made a swift comeback after a video went viral of the Baton Rouge rapper cloaked as Tupac. NBA Youngboy Recreating Tupac In His New Video ????? (@WYExpect) February 10, 2021

nbayoungboy going bald was a wrong move. The person behind the camera put a Snapchat filter on the rapper that swapped his face for Tupac’s. NBA YoungBoy reignited talk that he is the new Tupac after this video of him disguised as the late icon resurfaces. In the clip making the rounds online that was reshared by DJ Akademiks, NBA YoungBoy appears to be on set for a shoot. — Anne (@1candycanemissy) February 11, 2021

Ok wat is going on first nle choppa tryna be like pac now nba youngboy? Though his drip is outstanding, it’s the face above the ice that is courting fans’ attention. ??? Baton Rouge rapper NBA YoungBoy wasn’t even alive when Tupac Shakur died, but he has been compared to the late iconic rapper in the past. What do you think about NBA YoungBoy being compared to Tupac in any regard? (@TrapStarMusic_) February 10, 2021

Who did Tupac better? “He wanna be NLE so bad,” one user wrote.