NBA YoungBoy Case At Center Of Huge Police Corruption Scandal In Baton Rouge

The rapper is expected to post bond later today, March 30, after it was set at $540,000 last week. Why? According to attorney Mohammed Gangat, who is versed with these types of high-profile cases, the Lousiana court has the last say. Drew White, Lt. He put up half a million in cash. Federal agents reported that he allegedly had a .45 pistol and a 9mm handgun. In addition – as collateral – he put up two properties worth in excess of $1.5 million and he has to wear an ankle monitor. The Louisiana judge is looking at the same facts, he’s looking at the same charges and he’s making a decision under the exact same federal law. “The bond for YoungBoy out of California is $540,000. The two officers were charged after a departmental investigation. The scandal is so inflammatory and damning that District Attorney Hillar Moore’s office has to drop a whopping 640 drug cases tied directly to “potential corruption.” All the cases emanated from within the BRPD’s narcotics division. Some explosively damaging reports have surfaced regarding the Baton Rouge Police Department, the same unit responsible for the arrest of YoungBoy Never Broke Again in September 2020. NBA YoungBoy is currently awaiting trial for charges, including distribution and manufacturing of drugs and possession of stolen firearms. It now seems that the warrant was issued in connection with his September 2020 arrest, in which 16 other people were busted in a Baton Rouge parking lot on multiple drugs and weapons charges. Shane Mouch and Sgt. He shared his expertise via Instagram. Sure, it’s a different court and a different circuit, and the way the laws are applied vary somewhat, it shouldn’t vary a lot.”

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Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window) He was taken into FBI custody following a dramatic foot chase. It is alleged that following that incident in September, officers of the BRPD conducted a vehicle search and found handguns, rifles, drugs, $47,000 in cash, multiple pieces of jewelry, and a $300,000 check made out to the rapper. Given that the California judge found that these circumstances are sufficient for YoungBoy, why would a Louisiana find any differently? His hope of freedom still lies with the approval of a Louisiana judge. He simply has to wear the ankle monitor but otherwise is free to travel.”
He added: “This is very big. However, officially they haven’t been accused of any wrongdoing. All of the cases to be dropped involved two officers Jeremiah Ardoin and Jason Acree. If true, it would complicate matters for him as the “Bandit” singer is prohibited from possessing a gun due to a previous felony on his record for aggravated assault. Jeff Pittman, Sgt. Seth Sinclair to be reassigned. Another result of the investigation into the narcotics division seems to have caused Sgt. NBA YoungBoy, who was arrested on March 23, was nabbed in Los Angeles on an outstanding federal warrant. The reports which were first carried by WAFB9 have suggested that the department is at the heart of a massive corruption scandal. NBA YoungBoy’s case could be dismissed following a massive police corruption scandal affecting the Baton Rouge PD. However, he’s not going to be on house arrest according to the bond set by the California judge. In his latest arrest, he was charged with illegal possession of firearms by a felon and possession of an unregistered weapon. Some of the cases that will be dropped include drug possession and weapons charges, with some going as far back as 2015.