Mouth Of The South – Running Scared Lyrics

Are you free now? Fear of man or fear of yourself, what are you afraid of? We’ve got our hands tied behind our backs
We cannot be the change that we wish to see on our own
I’m tired of running scared from everything
It’s time we pick our heads up and be the change
These shackles do not have a hold on you or me
So why are you afraid when you’ve already been set free? Back against the wall, where did your spine go? Leader, overcome Head up, you are not alone
Leader, overcome Eyes up, you’re not on your own
I’ve been down this road before
I’ve felt the pain and the doubt of this broken world
I’ve been down this road too many times
I can’t just sit back and let you die
I’ve watched my mother and my brother fight their demons on their own
And though there’s pain I found strength in this broken home
I will never turn my back on you so I hope you’ll fight this with me
Fists clenched and now we’re swinging
Fight off your demons with everything you’ve got till your knuckles are bleeding
This is life or death so just keep swinging
Fight off your demons, fight off your demons
Are you free now? I can’t just turn my back on everything
My mind was freed when I opened my spirit to the king
Are you free now? MOUTH OF THE SOUTHRunning Scared Lyrics
I’m sick of holding back and biting my tongue when I look around
There is a change to be made and it’s not gonna change itself
Who do we think that we are?