Moonshine Bandits – Burn Lyrics (feat. Big B)

Big B)
Dance with the devil on a pale moon light
Car full of smoke with a jar full of shine
I put love in the club where there’s all black lights
I get love from the clubs where there’s all black bikes
Spend an over nighter paid my dues
The family full of shiners ain’t got nothing to prove
Cash in the stereo cocaine blues
See the blue lights flash but they won’t find booze
Finger on the highway I’m living wide open
Can’t [?] that you see me smokin’
Backroads buzzin cause they love me in the valley
Got me spreading like a wildfire burning up Cali
Let’s all ride, into the night
Cause we’re in your town
We gonna burn this building down
Let’s all ride, into the night
Cause we’re in your town
We gonna burn this building down
Let it burn
Fire fire watch this motherf**ker burn
So you want to talk shit get in line and wait your turn
Respect ain’t given it’s earned
You need to learn
I’m a roughneck that likes rough sex
Cash and big checks
Who grew up rocking oldschool hip hop and country in my tape deck
Cadillac [?]
What I’m riding on from Japan back to killer Cali
So operator operator 911
We about to burn the whole town down before we done
Rowdy rowdy ask somebody
Big B in the building and we came here to party
Keep the tie, keep the slacks
I’m wearing all black tall can and the [?]
Banging out to [?] let the mirror rattle back
The industry’s blurry I’m the answer to your cataracts
Back like a Chevy brand new lift
I got the old school cowboys bobbing to this
Riding on the white line clutching the fist
I got the old school outlaws bobbing to this
Came from the bottom with a brand new sound
I built what I got damn right I’m proud
There ain’t no grave that can hold me down
And there’s only one God that can judge me now
We gonna burn, we gonna burn
We gonna burn this building down MOONSHINE BANDITSBurn Lyrics (feat.