Mo Thugs – Rumors And War Lyrics

And if
you claim that you contain, well
stay foe yo shit, let yo nuts hang, neva leave a gang ah Mo Thug
ass niggaz, stay true to tha shit, let
us ran on crome. Stayin high, escape tha murderis games we play, them
soldiaz live anotha day
Hello hello, infantry. Decapitator, playa hata, pap pap in it this life
and I’m rollin. MO THUGSRumors And War Lyrics
Two glocks foe tha war, niggaz die foe that infantry
If I lay me down to sleep, I’d die foe that SCT
Mo Murda’s jumpin on that Clair side, foe that late night (rumors and war)
Just cannot f**k wit them soldiaz
Boy tried to ride, yeah he died, tha trigger just slipped up on’a my finger tips, now anotha nigga
dead, ’cause tha ‘lair speak foe
itself, it must not be said, tha nigga had me in tha red, but I be damned if tha mud is bud, it’s thug,
yeah. I saw four torchures, on them mo’s and stompin soldiaz,
infantry movin in, den we
come to destroy ya, Lord ya into a trap, and snap that back. I’m slangin mo’ slugs, round Mo Thug, bitch, ’cause nigga them crazy. Laugh in tha mash, foe safety,
betch you this race on this, 180’s dead and gone, runnin through
this punk thug town, dump tha
bullets, get ya down, what tha f**k, they wanna test Flesh Bone. And it’s much too late, I can’t be saved. Ripple, den I popped his
ass, tha who ins concerned, tha lesson to be learned. Don’t think no one can save ya, tha Yard’s ready to grave ya, snap. Hello hello, infantry
Nigga can’t f**k wit tha SCT’s, you nigga can’t f**k wit tha SCT’s
This clique too mothaf**kin strong, this clique too mothaf**kin strong
My niggaz be thuggin all year long. I’m sick and tired ah ya nigga startin shit,
rumors and war, just cannot
f**k wit dem soldiaz
Put’em all in tha dirt, when tha glock pop slugs, them slippin them box, this chamber, wit my glock
cop danger, this hustla, just
give it on up to tha guage that Shifta, that soldia, gon’ stoke ya, just a level doin homocide and
murda, that’s tha way Mo Thugs gon’ serve ya. You get burned, to a crispy clean and you
earn, and you bouncin wit
cheese, but I’m sick and tired ah ya niggaz talkin shit. Insane, see,
it’s this nigga when I’m havin that chronic. These warriors and
rebels we f**kin slug, yeah. My niggaz be thuggin all year long
Straight foe destruction, clear dat tunnel foe enternal torch’em into forces, cold deform’em, then
distortin, set ah nigga up foe
tha slaughter. Don’t dig in, util we get tha snitches that’s hatin tha playaz, neva no
tombstone was that slaya, trick
ass niggaz, we comin to lay ya. We get allegiance, keep confusin, dilutin my recavity, try to duck and dodge, don’t
ever wanna bade your
casualty. I tried
to pray, so death is the
only way, deep in hell is where I’ll stay. You see dis so shitty
when tha peepa keep peepin tha creep up and make it, man. Always remember
souljah boys be pimpin two glocks foe tha war, cockin’em back,
popin’em and bitches be fold it,
foldin, showed you So I stop, take a breath on tha guage, ’cause ah nigga be damned if I go back in that cave,
pump’em all, put ah slug on
my thug, gotta put them coppaz on off in that grave. Get’em make all bow down grab it,
givin up fort, yeah crazed to tha wasteland (wasteland, wasteland,
wasteland). You takin that buck, and closin that trunk, I’m sendin
that body to hades. Murda plot foe tha
money, seven I’m bloody mo red rum, wet’em in ah battle hell and nigga gun gun blast, buck shot
blows, you choose, wit ah 44 magnum and it was laughin at you. So ya betta be equipped and pack that
gat, don’t slack, them
skoes, them crack, and’em hurt in tha dirt, now I’m runnin it back
We are Mo thug, we are Mo Thug
Mighty mighty warriors, mighty mighty warriors
Guages loaded, guages loaded
Ghetto bound soldiaz, ghetto bound soldiaz
Credit hustlaz them bouncin tha top, and I’m chin up on my glide, foe tha nasty, droppin down to
them SCT’s, pullin drinkaz on bitches stay down foe double clop it kill ya.