Mj0.6 – Darker Sides Lyrics

To the streets y’all adore From the darker sides where the hell bloom
Almost every night my shorties die it’s a genocide
Popping these x, pills, and Percs
Just to heal that pain
Oh the pain
The pain
The pain
Foenem lost his life could be you next week
But a couple bills late gotta serve them fiend
Yo og sick she yo everything
Yo siblings dream of the lavish things
What you gotta do well you serve them fiends
Hmm, hm, hmm
Pain of lost make you go insane
Go insane, go insane, go insane
Better use it right for you lose yo brain
Lose yo brain
Lose yo brain
Lose yo brain
Got no time to cry make em feel the same
Let em hear yo pain
Let em hear yo pain
And yea I miss the gang
Why every song I still scream yo names
Scream yo names
Let em scream yo names
*From the darkest of places where the sun don’t shine
Posted with em members I was lost but I rerouted
Had to serve ah couple fiends cuz mah brotha n em
Saw mah mother crying tears made work thro the
They say legends keepin on dying don’t leave the crib
without it
*Trials and tribulations these the darker sides
What do you know bout my pain
Do you feel me these the darker sides
(Know the pain hitting deep in when you cry inside)
Lost my all to these trenches you endorse
Do you know the true pain we endure?