Migos Claims Racism After Getting Kicked Off Delta Flight

Joe Budden is probably having a laugh about this right now in his bedroom, but fortunately for the Migos trio, Delta booked them on another flight and they were able to get to their show in Des Moines on time. There are a lot of accusations flying from both sides with Migos claiming that they were thrown off the flight because they are black. The rap group’s manager say all three members were exhausted and fell asleep after boarding the flight from Atlanta to Des Moines. Takeoff, Quavo, and Offset off the flight. The caption then made the decision to boot all three Migos members. Their manager also leave the plane in solidarity before making a formal complain. Delta employees are saying that the rappers were out of control in first class. Migos rappers are claiming racism after getting kicked off a Delta flight on Friday. Delta reps says the pilot returned to the gate after stopping on the taxiway because the Migos rappers were refusing to follow instructions from the flight crew and thus endangering other passengers. Flight attendants say they asked Takeoff to place his book bag inside the overhead compartment and buckle his seat belt but he refused, TMZ reported.