Michael Card – Live This Mystery Lyrics

MICHAEL CARDLive This Mystery Lyrics
When I consider the secret
of the One who dwells in me
That there’s truly a presence in
The heart that have will believed
To listen to a silent call,
The quiet hunger to give it all
As the river seeks to be
Forgotten in the sea
So, my soul is so thirsty
and longs for thee
Like a moth ’round the flame
Drawn to the light and to the pain
Since my life is hid in Thee
I must live this mystery
In Him we live, in Him we move
In Him all things are new
The mystery of life in Christ
Is Christ can live in you
I hear the silence, its clamoring
There is only Christ, He is everything
In the language of the soul
It’s burning like a coal
There’s a voice
That is saying you can be whole
A life where all is new
A timeless moment waits for you
With the heart alone you see
You must live this mystery