Mavado Taps IVoltage For “Never Go Win”

The artiste officially released his single “Never Go Win” on YouTube today (April 30). One YouTube user commented, “Dem neva go WIN. The Tommy G production, which is distributed by Zojak Worldwide, also features upcoming artiste IVoltage. Fans have already started sharing positive reactions to the song. Another classic from the Gad.” A second user wrote, “Finally!!!!! From it preview me been a wait on it an gully gad neva disappoint.”

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Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window) The entertainer sings, “Mama though yuh gone, yuh legacy live on. The rhythm builds up slowly and features the harmony that complements Mavado’s smooth voice. Like “Never Give Up”, Mavado’s latest track gives off a reggae vibe and is all about the positive. In the opening of the song, IVoltage says, “Whole heep a f***ery gwaan last year still enuh, yuh know,” and let’s just say we can all relate. Coupled with sharp and well-delivered lyrics from IVoltage, the song has hit potential. Watch over yuh son, see when mi troubles a come.”
Ultimately it is a feel-good motivational song that will have listeners pressing the repeat button. A month after he gave fans the anthem “Never Give Up,” Mavado is back with another inspirational track. The song’s lyrics also pay homage to Mavado’s mother, who recently passed away when she died in hospital in March. The lyrics reference the troubles that the world has been facing in the past year, which should make it very relatable for those who’ve encountered struggles due to the COVID-19 pandemic.