Manchester Orchestra – Annie Lyrics

Are you holl-lower than you think you’ve ever been? [Verse 1]
I thought this time I might just walk away from you
You were a thief, yeah, and I was the proof
But you don’t ever cry, so no telling the truth
The first time   that   I   tried to run   away from you
You   gave me a list, said, “Now, baby, you choose”
But it wasn’t engraved, it felt more like a bruise
[Chorus 1]
Oh, I wasn’t ashamed then
Of my degree
The fear that I once paid for now was free
But I wasn’t afraid then
Of who I’d become
In a desperate vain attempt to talk to God
I saw, I saw
[Verse 2]
Now I’m the same, lost my decree, and it paid for you
I was a liar, I was stuck in the fog
Yeah, and you were turned around, I was pretty much lost
I’m the first of four that tried to cast away from you
Into the dark, you were a spear
I was holding your head, you were watching me kneel
[Chorus 2]
I was barely born then
I was hardly evolved
I was pacing back and forth to calm the squall
So I ran out of reasons
Of places to fall
Would you take my heart and nail it to your wall? Are you hollow? [Chorus 3]
I don’t want to believe it
Stuck in my thought
I’ve been trying to replicate the mask of God
Now I’m starting to feel it
Now the guilt’s falling off
When I turned my eyes around, I learned to talk
I saw, I saw Are you hollow? I saw, I saw
Once you reach the top it takes your air
Are you hollow?