Mad Cobra Promises Venomous Performance At Reggae Sumfest

The last time that the dancehall legend graced the stage at Catherine Entertainment Complex was in 1995 when he clash with Ninja Man in a friendly battle and won. “I don’t plan shows, but I am coming there to work. Since then the Sumfest audience have not seen the “Gundelero” deejay but that all changes on Saturday for Reggae Night, formerly known as International Night. I have a segment called ‘this is when dancehall was nice’, so I will be taking them into memory lane from the ’90s. “I will be doing the ole-time favourites, new songs, and current issues,” Mad Cobra said of his upcoming performance. And the younger folks who don’t know what I am about, when they come, they will see what I am about, what I used to do and still can do.”
Since Downsound took over Reggae Sumfest last year they have changed the format of the festival to focus on local artists only and it seems to be working well in their favor. Mad Cobra will be returning to Reggae Sumfest this weekend for the first time in 22 years.