Luke Rathborne – I wish I was a Bird

But I am scared to be at all gone apart
It seems like everything you do can break your heart
I don’t [?]
Or call it meaningless
The way that you have sun so far is you and your design
Through the highway signs and what you missed
It’s like it’s written on your face for five hundred years
That thing you like, that you had always missed
You can’t rent what you really never had possessed
And if I could, I’d live it all again
But I am just a man, honey, I make mistakes [Indie music]

I wish a was a bird
I woudln’t flown away from the place I’ve always known
Wish I could swim into the sea
Wonder how everything evolves from me
It’s not true there is no need
To everyone you wanted badly, leave
It’s not a loss, not a final call
It’s a question of why I were here at all
It’s gone
There’s no proof
I never needed anything
Like I need you
It’s not a test, some kind of [?]
It’s that thought that leaves you breathless
Can’t seem to pause
Something I could hold, or I had no loss
Better held when I was sleeping in my head
When I walk
If I was gone
Now you never really know how you go wrong
I dreamt that awake into the [?]
I wish I had this person in my hand
That you was secret [?]
I put my hand upon the thing that I have always missed
That hidden place that held the [?]
I think that I have dreamt forever before the start
If you find a thing that you call love,
Tell me why you’re always headed somewhere to hide it?