Locksmith – Trump Vs Biden Lyrics

He clearly has dementia
Makes me sick and nauseous, clearly unfit to run for Office
This is insanity; his ‘94 Crime Bill singlehandedly destroyed Black families
Now they calling me Bigot when they’re actually Racist
Him and Obama bombed at least 3 African nations
26,000 Airstrikes, it was lethal
That’s 70 bombs a day, all Black and Brown people
Tell Kamala to holla, she could use some street love
For God’s sake, I have more Black friends than she does
Went on The Breakfast Club to appeal to the inner city
Lied about smoking weed and about bumping 2Pac & Biggie
I get it, you wanna see hip, but quit when you’re losin’
Democrats wanna complain, but never offer any real solutions
The same for Climate Change, it’s a shame how you handled it
The California Wildfires are from poor Forest management
Lying about the virus despite if we lose cake
Most of the riots, rallies and lootings are mostly in Blue States
You state you wanna save America, I continue
I don’t do much for Blacks, but at least I don’t pretend to
Woo, yeah he ain’t lyin’
But uh, y’all y’all let me know what y’all think, man
You’ve heard from both Candidates, so it’s up to you guys
So in November y’all make sure you go to the polls and vote
Or don’t
Shit, I don’t give a f*ck
But hold up, hold up
We have another Presidential Candidate
Wait, is this Candidate Kanye West??? Biden:
Agh, well I don’t know about that
But if you don’t vote for Joe, homie you ain't Black
Okay okay, Senator Biden, you you going a little too far
We f*ck witchu, but we doing f*ck witchu like that
Alright next up, Donald Trump, President
You now have the floor
Uh let us know how you feel about that
Trump [Verse 2]
Listen, I love Black people and they love me
They make songs about me, you can ask YG
Snoops Dogg and Russel Simmons, we used to be bros
Then they turned their backs on me, this is your fault Joe
Didja get the money I sent ya? It’s ya boy, Charlemagne Tha God
Right here Live in New   York   City, Harlem USA
We’re   here for tonight’s first ever Presidential   debate addressing the Black community
We have both Presidential candidates
Senator Joe Biden and President Donald Trump
First on the floor is Senator Biden
Senator, you now have the floor
Biden [Verse 1]:
First of all, Donald Trump is a liar and a Racist
A money-hungry tyrant who only thinks of his clients
Who can’t control his bark, a political oval shark
That was put in this position by Soviet Oligarchs
He stole the last election and he’s trying to steal the present
He thinks all people of color are just working-class peasants
If we elect him, we inherit his lies
And his neglect of the virus cost American lives
And what’s worse, he knew the threat of Corona in January
His response in late March was completely ancillary
He wants to reopen, the price overall steep
Sacrifice human life for his buddies on Wall Street
Say goodbye to Pro-Choice, Free Press and March Rallies
Get ready for Civil War and abortions in dark alleys
More Police shooting and lootings of unrest
And it’s all on his watch, just watch as we digress
Let me fence with Mike Pence, converse and bear with me
It’s 2020, he still supports Conversion Therapy
He didn’t believe in Science, Condoms improve Climate Change
He says smoking doesn’t kill, these are actual claims
They embolden White Power and sexual assault
Breonna Taylor, Jacob Blake, George Floyd, it’s their fault
Charlamagne Tha God:
So you support reparations? All day y’all, vote for me
Yeeah And Donald Trump, we used to be homies but we ain’t no mo’, yaknawmsayin? All day nigga, yaknawmsayin? Kanye?!? And Joe Biden, you just a uh, fake Denzel like that All State nigga, yaknawmtalkinbout? Charlemagne Tha God:
Welcome welcome everybody. Kanye West [Verse 3]
Uh Charlamagne, I’ma let you finish, but uh, I’m gonna be the greatest President of all time
Um because Harriet Tubman did not free the slaves
She just freed her cousins, her auntie, her sisters and people like that, her family but
Vote for me if you wanna get free Healthcare, no mo’ taxes and free shoes for everybody, okay?