Locksmith – Olive Branch

Or am I strong enough to pass on these bitches I reply through DM & double-tap on
Now tack on the fact that I’m tryin’ to complete this album
More focused with details while they more concerned with volume
How then do you explain my resilience to spit? In other words, I was built for this shit
My nigga, this is me Turn a blind eye when noone can find why the fine line has lost most its buffer
The whole structure and foundation has crumbled
If you go againt the grain they accuse you of not being humble
Should I play it subtle? It started well
I responded with gratitude & respect
When he didn’t get the answer he wanted, that’s when it turned stale
Then he attacking my character in his text
I know
You can’t expect to please everybody
They ain’t satisfied til they see you bleed from your body
I can patronize or honestly speak about it
If I have to lie I’d rather leave than keep the shroud up
For 4 years I did nothing at all
Suffocated by Self-Hatred; I externally thawed
Dropped some bars, disappeared
Write songs that you’d never hear
Then my girl got in her ear, told me "Get on your job"
Fuck it
My Mothers’ gone
I might as well if I can write it well
I can slide the scale & tip it my way
Every night I wailed
But I failed to commit; The surface was cold
And sacrificed what we had built for my personal goals
I tried to get back on the track I lagged on, but whether in that storm proved to be the straw on the Camel’s back that we stacked on
Will it snap? [Verse 1: Locksmith]
For every label they wasn’t able to place on me
For every second they second guessed & embraced phony
Niggas pitch to him every stitch is a bitch to unthread
Deeply woven, they chose to switch it as they stone me
The same Stoic & hopeless look you look upon is looked and pawned off by defeatists since we were Fetus’
They feed us nothing but left-overs; I stepped over with stilts and rebottled the same Milk you once wept over
Expect nothing & no one will work as hard as you do
So I’m confused when these niggas call me & stress over
Shit they should’ve corrected before they started
They beggin’ for my advice, but I’m focused on my success forward
Every mistake that I ever made was a growth point
I understand the bruise that you take when fall & don’t point
The finger or the blame on another person that’s striving to
Want others to ride, but have no idea where you drivin’ to
Surprised a few, but The System here is not sufficient
The candidates just can’t negate my suspicions
Cause regardless of Race, Gender, Religion
Rapper’s co-signing a Politician is still a Politician
And the problem isn’t what most discovered
Instead of complainin’ I started workin’ while most would suffer
And stopped chasin’ thirsty Journalist who secretly wanna be bigger than the Artists they supposed to cover
Am I supposed to cover my ears? Not a chance
Pretend help from these niggas became a common stance
I had to look at myself distinct
Expect to sink if you ever think they’ll extend an Olive Branch
[Verse: 2 Locksmith]
Yeah… Fuck it
I got a message from this Rapper in my Inbox.