Linda Kidder – Don’t Let Santa Know Lyrics

That’s right
Over the threshold to suite 1202
Slip off your jacket and kick off my shoes
Light the pillar candles and revel in the glow
Don’t let Santa, know
That was a party we’ll never forget
Keep it a secret because you can bet
If word should get out to old Ho Ho Ho
We’re bound to get a lump of coal,
So don’t let Santa know..he’s big, he’s fat, better keep it under our hat.. LINDA KIDDERDon’t Let Santa Know Lyrics
Don’t let Santa know
Everyone was so excited, the snow was beginning to fall
Twinkling lights, champagne on ice
Red and green streamers hung from wall to wall
You took my hand and twirled me round our office dancing floor
And when you kissed me all my senses rocked right to the core
We left the party at quarter to eight
Nobody noticed our wicked escape
All those stolen kisses under the mistletoe,
Don’t let Santa know
Out through the side door and into the street
Amazing the snow didn’t melt from the heat
Hearts beating wildly, right down to our toes,
Don’t let Santa know
We’re gonna be naughty, it’s gonna be nice
We’re gonna give each other Christmas presents all night!