Lil Snupe’s Dad Big Snupe Blast Jay-Z, Meek Mill For Conditions Of Son’s Gravesite

I love Lil Snupe. … Snupe wouldn’t have did y’all like that, bruh.”
There has so far been no response to Brown’s complaints from any of the rappers. He was only 18 at the time of his death. Brown, who served 20 years in prison, shows the journey to the gravesite with flowers in hand, telling followers that he had anticipated this visit as he was not able to grieve properly since his son’s death. You love Blue Ivy and them. Lil Snupe, who was often described as a promising young rapper, died in 2013 after he was shot twice in the chest following an argument that ensued over a video game while in his friends’ apartment. One of them major ass n***s? Lil Snupe’s dad, who was recently released from prison, is angry after visiting his son’s gravesite. View this post on Instagram

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His anticipation was met with disappointment when he arrived at the gravesite, arguing that Lil Snupe deserves a proper gravestone. Don’t get it twisted … Ain’t been no rappers down here that was f***ing with Lil Snupe? JAY-Z, I see you f*ck with godd*mn your kids to the fullest. One of them ni**as in the rap game? God d*mn. On Monday (April 12), Lil Snupe’s father, whose correct name is Charlie Brown, documented his first visit to his son’s grave on Instagram. “This ni**a ain’t got no muthafu**in’ headstone on this sh*t. It’s been almost eight years since young rapper Lil Snupe died, and his father Big Snupe has seen his grave for the first time. I had to hold it in,” he said. “I been holding this sh*t right here since 2013….Held this sh*t eight years in the pen. Stewart, was also arrested and charged. Some days later, 36-year-old Tony Holden turned himself in to the police and was charged with first-degree murder, armed robbery, and illegal possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. Did Meek Mill see him get put in the ground? Man, what the f*ck went on? But he came and seen him in the casket?”
He continued: “He was affiliated with Roc Nation. “There should be a monument up to this ni**a’s shit. Share this:

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Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window) But Big Snupe, who had been incarcerated at the time of his son’s death, was not pleased with the gravesite his son received. Was Meek Mill around here to see him get put in the ground? I never thought I’d come see my muthafu**in’ son and he’d have no muthafu**in’ headstone.”
He proceeded to call out Meek Mill and his record label, Dream Chasers (to which Lil Snupe was signed), and also Jay-Z for allowing his son to be buried like that. He wasn’t around here to see him put in the ground? About one month later, another suspect, Edrick O. Y’all dudes say y’all solid, man.