Lil Durk Reacts To Concerns Why He Was Nervous Around Lil Baby Shooting A Video

(@NicoleJ_4) February 6, 2021

Brodie was so shook in the car with baby it got him thinking about India ?? Lil Durk finally responded to fans noticing his nervous look while shooting a music video with Lil Baby. Lil Durk held something in his hand while Baby jumps behind the wheel, all while speaking to someone outside of the frame. (@TristianHaynes1) February 6, 2021

Facebook It turns out that Lil Durk has an explanation for the ‘shooked’ look. — tragic bronson (@VibeWitMe_) February 5, 2021

The gang at 3am: “Yeah drop the next addy”
Me trying to go home:
— Bean™??? He seemingly confirmed that he was indeed nervous; while explaining that he’s just ensuring he keeps himself safe. Durk also announced that he has yet another project on the way titled “Loyal Bros.” We are sure his growing fan base is eagerly awaiting its release. The short clip, which is responsible for the latest viral meme, shows Baby and Durk hopping into the “Bigger Picture” rapper’s drop-top convertible. ??? Who would have thought that when Chi-Town rapper Lil Durk linked up with the Atlanta kid Lil Baby a few days ago, we would have been blessed with a truckload of memes for our viewing pleasure? — Nicole ?? View this post on Instagram

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It does seem to be from their upcoming music video for Durk’s track “Finesse out the Gang.” Durk has had a tremendous start to 2021, with the deluxe version of his late 2020 project The Voice, creating waves early on. “I am run up and see up close,” he wrote in his Instagram Story. For now, you can check out a few of the memes floating around Twitter. Still, there has not been any confirmation on where exactly the video was captured. What’s up with dude in the passenger seat? The Chicago rapper’s close associate King Von was killed in Atlanta 2020 after a dispute with Quando Rondo’s crew.
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Did they steal the car? He accompanied Drake on “Laugh Now Cry Later” earlier in the year, a move that cemented his space in the rap game. His OTF clique is also rumored to have some unsettled business with other Chicago-based groups, which means an opposition could definitely pop out from just about anywhere. The clip has since been shared many times over, forming the basis for several hilarious memes. It is during this onboarding process where we see a flushed-face Lil Durk flashing a very nervous look on his face. “Brand new car it’s noisy” – @lildurk @lilbaby4PF ??