Legendary Actress Jennifer O’Neill Brings Hope & Healing at Hillenglade

Difficulty integrating back into society and the workforce. 
Having been born into a military family, I personally know about some of the sacrifices our veterans have made on our behalf. And now, what a pleasure it is to share our horse farm, as well as all of the animals here, with veterans, service military and their families who have given so much to protect our freedoms! NOW IT’S OUR TURN TO GIVE BACK! Animals, especially horses, have been my passion since I was a child. The invisible enemy that all too often haunts our warriors after they return home from combat include: It was during those magical times that I discovered what deep healing powers and unconditional love all animals offer us, it’s their nature.I started working at fifteen to buy a horse of my own, and I’ve had the pleasure of their company ever since. From my Equine Breeding Program to showing on the "A" Circuit, caring for my fanciful array of dogs, cats and other fury-four-legged friends has been a life-long commitment. They inspired my imagination in books and movies, and when I finally met a horse in real life, we tore like the wind across open fields together, then snuggled in the barn while I shared all my hopes and dreams.

Alienation from friends and family. 
Strain within their marriages and families.
This program helps support veterans who are transitioning into the civilian workforce, and/or reuniting with their families. HHH’s focuses on the ravages of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and other war-related issues that all-too-often result in compromised coping skills and staggering numbers of suicides and divorces among our national heroes. NEWS PROVIDED BYHope and Healing at HillengladeJan. It is a safe place to renew hearts, restore relationships and rebuild lives at our countryside farm only 20 minutes from downtown Nashville, TN.In 2018, Hillenglade launched its HHH Empowerment Transition Program which offers one to six months of sponsored live-in "internships" on the Hillenglade farm. Her name is Jennifer O’Neill. This was the vision of one of the world’s most beautiful actresses in movie history, who starred with the legendary John Wayne in the film "Rio Lobo" and in the beloved award-winning classic "The Summer of 42" as well as 50 other Films. ****SINCE 2010, HHH HAS SERVED OVER 4,000 GUESTS****You may ask who created this life-changing organization, and that answer may shock you. Ms. O’Neill created her safe harbor for the American Heroes out of great care. She was also the iconic face of Cover Girl Cosmetics for 30 years. 26, 2021NASHVILLE, Jan. Here’s a powerful message from this grand ambassador of Hope & Healing: 26, 2021 /Christian Newswire/ — Hope and Healing at Hillenglade is an organization that offers FREE group and/or individual equine-assisted counseling sessions, retreats, programs and events for our active duty military, veterans, first responders and their families who sacrifice so much for our freedoms and safeties.

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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: We are loosing more service men and women to suicide daily than were killed in Afghanistan and Iraq combined… and that does not include our Vietnam Veterans! 
Scars need to MEND. God Bless us all. Imagine Disneyland with fur and you’ve experience a day at Hillenglade. Welcome.xoJenNOTE: The need is enormous, the time is now to help our national heroes. Please know your donations are greatly appreciated and we thank you in advance for all your support at such a time as this. A place and time to unwind together. IMAGINE being able to offer our heroes and those actively serving in all branches of our armed forces, time away in the country to enjoy the therapeutic wonder of horses, pony rides, exhibitions, music, shared meals, games and team sports! That’s what HILLENGLADE™ is all about! Warriors keep coming one life at a time. Healing at Hillenglade will never stop.