LANY – Parents (Lany Album)

But anyway, uh, I’ll think about that. Okay, I can’t wait for you and Mariah to come to Arkansas so we can hug your neck. Okay, love you, bye bye That’s the sweetest thing. [Message from Susan Goss (Jake Goss’s Mother)]
Oh my gosh, Jake! I love you, Jake, that is the cutest thing, and you put it forever on your arm—"Parents," that’s what you put on your arm. Parents! Oh God, love you. I’m gonna have to get another tattoo that has a heart and "Jake" in the middle. Oh, Jake, I love it! Parents! That is the sweetest thing. But, I love you, Jake. Oh my gosh I loved it five times and beyond and I finally saw it and posted and I reposted it on my feed on Instagram. It’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life! I just saw that posting on Instagram and saw the picture of your new tattoo with a heart and the word "Parents" in it!