Lady Doc Pens Tale of Revenge and Test of Christian Faith in Medical Murder Mystery

It’s a rediscovered kind of mystery genre where human relations and the effect of the murder on others is as important as solving the mystery itself."Dying for Revenge dives in to the deeply personal place in so many hearts with ‘justifiable’ reasons for revenge," says Patricia M. Barbara Golder worked as a hospital pathologist, forensic pathologist and laboratory director. Medical Examiner Jane Wallace comes on board, a mother of six who lost her husband in a murderous act of revenge. Dr. Follow Lorenz on twitter @abookpublicist. It’s a gripping story," says Deacon Dennis Dorner, Chancellor, Archdiocese of Atlanta.Dying for Revenge (ISBN 978-1-987970-00-5 2016, Full Quiver Publishing, $18.99, 361 pages, available in paperback on Amazon and $5.99 on Kindle.  View the book trailer: Not relying on loose morals to turn pages, Golder weaves a thrilling tale of revenge. Golder pulls from her own experiences as both a medical examiner and a lawyer to give Jane Wallace her quick-witted, detail-oriented mind and crime-solving abilities."Dying For Revenge is a darn good medical thriller – a page-turning plot and vivid characters – with a stop-you-in-your-tracks twist: the costs of revenge. A Catholic, devoted to the church because her husband was, and she wants her children to be, Wallace can’t bring herself to attend confession or receive communion. 23, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ — Author Barbara Golder crafts a bit of an autobiographical sketch into her mystery Dying for Revenge, a medical thriller that not only solves a murder, but packs a spiritual punch as well. Her work in these fields prompted her to get a law degree, which she used as a malpractice attorney and in a boutique practice of medical law. She’s just not ready to forgive. Contact: Scott Lorenz, Westwind Communications Book Marketing, 734-667-2090, [email protected], twitter @abookpublicist LOOKOUT MOUNTAIN, Tenn., Feb. In a day where reader consumption is often filled with graphic violence and casual sex, Golder’s book adds a layer of depth without sacrificing energy. She has a contract for 11 more books in the series.Media Contact: Scott Lorenz of Westwind Communications Book Marketing at [email protected] or by phone at 734-667-2090. We feel empathy for her, and Wallace is a character we both grieve with, and laugh with. Chivers, of ABLAZE Radio, Catholic Church of Saint Monica.Set in the wealthy resort town of Telluride, CO where author Golder has a second home, the story revolves around the mysterious death of Mitch Houston, a rich and famous Hollywood actor who has been shot.