Lacs – Goin Deep Lyrics (feat. Luke Martin)

Luke Martin)
Roll Up At A Game Friday Afternoon,
Im all loaded up in the camper too
Fire up the grill sit back and chill with a cold one
You got VIP hangin out TNT deep
Its time to get wild
Sling some mud in the creek
Sun going down no stopin us now
Cum on boys we got trails to ride down
Going deep in the mud
Poppin suds gettin buzzed
Rain or shine were gonna have some fun
Skinny in back and half rack
Sexy southern girls give you a heartattack
No asphault
No concrete
Just riding thises trails right down to the creek
If your scrared dont forget
You can watch them over there
Just wait and see we all about going deep
Yeah going deep
{dont be scared of it}
Man Ive been working like a dog bunch of over time son
But its finally paying off got my money stacked son
Me and my buddies spend the weekend in the mud
Biggest baddest guys
Just going to tear it up
I wont back up for nothing even if its saying to put my coller in the bed
Redneck boys tryin to bate and hate
And country girls scream when you drive it in deep
Yeah going deep
I got that comoflauge
Can hit that ho a damn hand
Redneck stock thats the word around
Cooler strapped down and a gun up in the rack
because the yellin aint no tellin man when were cummin back
Follow us if you wanna
But I hopt you can drive or be snuggled up here because you aint keepin it dry
You better hid a box off so they dont get soaked
Hold on to what you got or betta hope it can float LACSGoin Deep Lyrics (feat.