Kur – Breaking Necks Lyrics

You niggas is out of your mind (On none of that)
When I got a heater, shit be goin’ down, you know my shit is top of the line (Okay)
Top of the, top of the line
Bitches I f*ck with is top of the line (I see you)
Can’t wait ’til I hash out with mom
Can’t wait to put on the block ’cause it’s time (Ooh)
I f*cked his thot baby mom and got her some [?] for her and her mom (Yeah)
‘Cept when I run into cash, I’m gon’ hunt you down and word is bond (And word is bond, mean that)
Donny, he really ain’t do it, that’s f*cked up he servin’ that time (Donny ain’t do it)
My mom told me watch how I’m movin’ ’cause, shit, she be worried at times (Worried ’bout me)
I’m from the 4 of course
I’m from the 4 of course, I’m from the 4
I’m from the 4 of course, I’m from the 4
I’m from the 4 of course, I’m from the 4 (Niggas buggin’)
Sent a Uber, she in West, I said, “It’s on the way” (Yeah, it’s comin’)
Some days I’m coolin’, then I’m stressed, shit be in the way (Damn)
All of this music shit is chess, how you gon’ play? [Intro]
Young bitches breakin’ they neck
Young nigga, pay me respect, come on
I told her to slide, mm
I told her to slide
I told her to slide, I just got her number, she like, “We just met, you buggin’” (Yeah)
To be real, I don’t usually do this, but send me the address, I’ll be there, I’m comin’ (She bluffin’)
Bitches be bluffin’, I tell ’em what they wanna hear to f*ck ’em
My dawg got years for nothin’ and my other dawg ain’t here, I love him (I miss him)
It could all disappear, I’m humble, nobody cared, it was years I suffered (Real talk)
I’m always near some trouble, leavin’ these bitches in tears, they puzzled (They puzzled)
Okay, up it and up it, we in the car in Spring Garden, she sucked it, she sucked it (I’m swervin’)
I got no time for the f*ck shit, I moved to Jersey, I came from a bucket (Jers’)
Least I could say that I never was selfish and I always been on some us shit (Real talk)
Least I could say that I owned up to everything when I was caught up in dumb shit (Lit)
Least I could say that I offered y’all everything, I never been on no crumb shit
That’s the least I could say (Niggas know), K 57, okay (Ahh)
Now I feel okay (Ooh), I faithfully pray (Come on)
Lotta opps [?] (Damn)
Too many was poppin’ like a year ago, ain’t poppin’ today (Are you okay?)
Huh, [?] more Seroquel, slept through the day (Damn, I miss him)
They see my attitude is terrible, I think it’s okay (Think it’s no issues)
79 shit I’m reppin’ to the grave (79 shit)
Jordan 9s on, skippin’ ‘cross the stage (They got the red ones)
Just blocked this bitch I met, it only been a day (Come on now)
I’ma go down as a vet, so why would niggas play? (How you gon’ play it?)
Man, I got so much on my chest, how I’m gon’ say? I know I’m rude sometimes, shit I be wearin’ [?] rude at times
I smoke ’til my mood is fine (Real talk), I ain’t comin’ to lose this time
Need M’s on my plate to get full this time (Okay)
Plus I’m bringin’ the wolves this time and that’s on my soul, we good this time (Ah)
I’m who the hood behind
After we f*ck, I’m good, I’m fine (I’m fine)
Don’t let the door hit you, babygirl, just hit me when you get inside (Babygirl)
Niggas wan’ spin through, got drums, they taggin’ whoever outside (Real talk)
Dawg, I’ma hustle ‘fore I be a bum ’cause I ain’t on none of that time (On none of that)
How I’ma piece it when I had crumbs?