Konshens Links With Rvssian & Spice For A Sultry Dancehall Joint “Pay For It”

The scenes from the Xtreme Arts-directed music video may have been locally captured. We have a few already and decided we need to get in the studio and cook up one more,” the “Gyal a Bubble” deejay explained. However, the vibe of the track is definitely international. Over the past couple of weeks, both Spice and Konshens have been teasing visuals for their brand new track and video, “Pay For It,” which will be featured on Konshens’ upcoming album Red Reign. The last few years, with success and life changes, I became a bit comfortable and relaxed and lost the hunger. “We decided we needed to get one of dem dancehall ballad deh. The risque yet comedic nature of the video is also synonymous with the artistic persona Konshens gave to fans a few years ago. I’m known for telling girls to do stuff. “When I first dyed my hair red, in 2012, I would say it was the most aggressive I was in my career. One of the first steps the deejay and his new team at Ineffable Records took was to get super-producer Rvssian into the mix. Right now, I’m feeling like 2012 again in terms of aggression and hunger. I have a cause, and something to prove.”
You can check out “Pay For It” below. A song like this is totally unexpected.”
Konshens’ role as a bus conductor ties directly into the Jamaican ideology of transport workers being rather ‘cashy’ individuals. Since you’re already here, you can also check out our feature on the deejay’s new record deal Here. His argument to the seductively dressed Spice is simple, he wants to be a gentleman and pay for everything. “Everyone Falls in Love” by Tanto Metro and Devonte. Both men have previously collaborated on the 2018 hit single “Hard Drive,” which featured Shenseea. And she’s known for doing stuff, and telling girls to do stuff. Konshens explains that this was done intentionally after assessing the key ingredients most modern crossover hits contain. While speaking with Urban Islandz, he explained that he’s looking to recapture the passion of that era. That was the hungry me, always promoting, in the studio every day. “The vibe with this one is basically me and Rvssian decided we need another hit. People see Konshens and Spice, dem nah expect a song like this. If you check the history of the real big dancehall songs, it’s all songs that you can sing a nice melody, a nice hook and hardcore dancehall deejaying. Konshens continued, “She came in and killed it. Konshens link up with Rvssian and Spice on his new dancehall joint, “Pay For It,” with an accompanied visual. Share this:

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Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window) “No Games” by Serani. The day of release is finally here, and fans are now able to fully grasp just why Konshens has been sporting a bus conductor’s uniform all over social media. “Bruk Off Yuh Back,” “Party Animal” by Charly Blacks, all of them have nice melodies and then we go into the verse and give them the authentic dancehall.”
Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta star and Queen of the Dancehall Spice was seen as a worthy addition to this modern-day love anthem.