Kodak Black’s Iced Out Face Mask Wore To Greet Fans Cost $30K

Over the last few days, Kodak Black was spotted at an event in Tampa, Florida, where he was honored for his charitable efforts. The two agents were dedicated to preventing crimes against children. pic.twitter.com/PGKoG6JCVK
— My Mixtapez (@mymixtapez) February 8, 2021

Facebook Johnny Dang & Company is known for making diamond-covered chains, pendants and grills, and other accessories that nowadays rappers seem to love. It appears that following his event, he visited a nightclub to make use of his latest chance at freedom. Fans expressed comments like, “That’s crazy to pay $30,000 fir a mask… but I kinda want one.”
Kodak Black, whose real name is Bill Kapri, has remained low key since his release from prison in January. As time progresses, the masks are becoming more elaborate and extravagant. Since the Covid-19 pandemic started, masks have become the latest staple in fashion trends worldwide. The mask is rumored to be worth US$30,000, and while fans are amazed by this purchase, they are having second thoughts about getting one for themselves. Even before his legal issues began, Kodak was always ready to lend a helping hand in his community, whether at large scale charity events or by making contributions to individual persons. His lawyer Bradford Cohen revealed that they had sent a letter to the FBI office in Miami in which he stated that Kodak would cover the costs for the two children of late FBI agent Laura Schwartzenberger and the only child of late FBI agent Daniel Alfin. Kodak Black might be the owner of the most expensive face mask. The rapper was among four Hip Hop artists, including Lil Wayne, that former president Donald Trump pardoned during his tenure. His offer to help the families of the FBI agents is no surprise. Kodak Black is the first to receive a diamond-encrusted Sniper Gang mask from famous jeweler Johnny Dang. As there is still a pandemic going on, he came out full force with some stylish and blinding face protection. Even though a 30K diamond-covered mask might not become the next popular trend, fans also indicated that such a luxury item is definitely for the rich and famous with comments such as, “he breathing money out of that mask.”
Kodak Black’s security not playing?