Kodak Black – Easter In Miami Lyrics

I'm great, beyond better
I’m a capital letter Z
All black Dickies, no socks in my Reeboks
Vulture bird tatted on my head, not a sea hawk
Cuban link chain and the feds got the G-SHOCK
Candy apple cranberry red with the tee top
Vulture bird chain, colored money, like a peacock
Only do the talkin' with my bitches, pull my meat out
They go petite, I stay rockin' Felipe
I ain’t no chico, but they call me Felipe, yeah
I copped the Rollie ain't nobody else had
And by the time you was on AP, I was already on Patek
Crab legs and shrimp and we sippin' Chardonnay
They all on the drip, they envy me, like Charlamagne
Talkin' like a pimp (Yeah), switchin' different broads today
I'm walkin' with a limp, Kodak, baby follow me
And the Corduroy matchin' with the blue hundreds
How the old school Jag cost me new money? Like the cars got feet, got the coupe runnin’
I be hangin’ out the Jeep, like, who want it? I be squeezin' on her cheeks, like who woman
Like the stick make you blink, got my crew drumming
LJ, young legend out of Pompano
Lime green Lamb’, I ain't slimy, but I'm grimy though
Your buddy, he be perkin', he ain’t no killer, but he be robbin' though
Splat to splat, these niggas be droppin' back to back, like dominoes
Grabbin' niggas like it's miny-mo, we gleerious
Niggas fallin' like geronimo, it's serious (Pop, pop)
Don't get it twisted, we some killers like we serial (Pop, pop)
I'm the G.O.A.T., but it's ostrich by material
I know you won't, but I be cautious when I'm nearing ya
'Cause I can see you niggas plottin' through my peripheral
Real nigga, they wanna copy my material
But I'm cut from a different kind of silk than you lil' niggas
And them city girls got all these bitches milkin' you lil' niggas, yeah
I never blow, I been done killed one of you lil' niggas, yeah
I'm sendin' locs, as soon as I get out, I spin it quicker, yeah (Yeah)
Like eskimo, got so much drip runnin' down my ligaments, yeah
Stick in the trunk, get rid of it, yeah
f*ckin' with the toast, like cinnamon, yeah (Yeah)
Cutthroat, I ain't no gentleman
I'm in the backseat, I'm the triggerman
On these Percs, I'm on these bitches like it's Ritalin
We be jumpin' out the pen, I really handled it
Lil' niggas swingin' out the van, it be embarrassing
Lil' niggas swingin' out that van, [?]
Shoutout to Ray, we made a bag on top of Maryland
We had a misunderstanding, but nigga we be better than
And these niggas, they be bitches, they be checkin' in
You niggas chicken, they be layin' eggs
And I ain't happy 'til I get my million
Now bitch, call me Dirty Dan
Now bitch, come and do your dance
Straight gas, comin' straight gas at ya ass
I'm comin' straight gas
I made a statement, but I ain't never made a statement, ain't it
Back to back Foreigns in the hood before I made it, ain't it
She don't wanna work, she wanna trick off and get famous, ain't it
You got me f*cked up, ho', I don't know what the f*ck you think we is
Look at me jumpin' out the feds like I'm lil guwop
And these meds got me chewin' up my chewop
I'm chewin' out my muppy I'm lockjaw
Last nigga said f*ck me, he knocked off
I'm chewin' out my muppy, I'm chewin' up my chewop
I'm chewin' out my muppy I'm lockjaw
Last nigga said f*ck me, he knocked off, ayy
He knocked off, yeah
Boy, stop playin' with a nigga like I ain't imperial, uh
I'm the biggest Z, nigga, I'm superior