King Los – Without Me Lyrics

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How you gon’ do this s**t without me? (x3)
Study all my s**t then pretend you forgot about me (x3)
How you gon’? King Los
Raised up in the ghetto
Faced the matrix in Gepetto
Taught to take s**t and we settle
Too complacent, hit the pedal
Push that gas in the race for the race
Bring love back in the place of the hate
Don’t like us, then you make a mistake
We whipping up pies an’ we making a cake
To make a deposit to take to the bank
But I don’t need money, I’m rich in my soul
F**k all of my garments, I’m switching my clothes
To the robe of a king, the throne, the ring and the crown
Get thrown in a ring in a crowd
I know you’re here for dinner, ain’t prepared for winter
Rise up out and ride around unpolished
Pop my collars
Dropped out of college, got my knowledge in my (talks?)
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Study all my s**t and pretend you forgot about me (x2)

[Verse 1]
Ring around the rosy, roundhouses and Ronda Rousey
N****s try to kick it this wicked, but don’t arouse me
That s**t be making me drowsy, all your s**t be making me drown
Bandannas and army jackets and they attacking us
Packed the blades and suited for war, ain’t no slacking up
Beyonce say formal formation, so I back her up
But this beyond say and formation it’s time to back it up
They want n****s back on the bull, we tell ’em pack me up
My son is Ethiopian, baby mama from Africa
Who to stop a n***a now? type in the search box

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Yeah, how you gonna do this s**t without me? [Hook/Chorus]
How you gon’ do this s**t without me? DOWNLOAD
King Los – Without Me Lyrics
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Looking for more update about this? They need a miracle
The frequency too high, this s**t is really getting spiritual
Yeah we all sinners but you ought to repent
That’s why I bend all your orders and I ordered the Bent
They don’t want me to soar, but that sword in my strength
Ready for war, flow filthy like the water in Flint
Shine like the sun ’cause I’m from that
Flow like the river, pardon my pun (net?)
Was Pun’s last name and the son’s Chris
If orange the new black then I’m Sunkist
Dumb rich, gold in my blood on some stunt s**t
One fist, high in the sky rise above s**t
Tough s**t, I’ve been through it, been through enough s**t
All my homies push that bass like when the drum hit
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Study all my s**t then pretend you forgot about me (x3)
[Verse 2]
They say I thug too hard, that’s how you made me
‘Cause when I love too hard, that’s how you slave me
And (God puts the gorgeous pun I ?)
And you thought the b******t gon’ slide
I’m giving out courses on fly
Your boy sit on horses and ride
Royces with oysters on wrists in Paris
I hope that these carrots is good for your eyes
A n***a Ja real
Yeah I pioneer ’cause I use my (pie meal?)
Just to block you n****s, run seventy-nine drills
And find a way to hate you but never could find chill
Every line filled with landmines, every time ill
And b*****s be chasing me like the ’79 bill
Cosby, (artly?) we all sleep, aren’t we?