K. Michelle Responds To Wendy Williams’ Embarrassing Story About Idris Elba

You needed a story that bad huh?” the R&B singer wrote. I am no where on the scene I stay out of the way by choice.”
In spite of the jokes being poked at her online, K. “I will not be going off on another black woman I no longer get paid to do that. To those of you who desire money and fame, I have them both but they never truly made me happy. You do not have to like me but in this you will respect the courage and truth I’ve been willing to confront in front of you. On Thursday, Wendy Williams dished details about K. I’ve never ran from my wrongs or rights always stood 10 toes down or not at all. K. I knew when I stepped out to help, and wanted to teach women it wasn’t going to be an easy battle. The beauty of this God has equipped me with finances to afford to correct this but their [sic] are women who can’t.”
She also affirmed her friendship by ending her lengthy post by saying, “see you soon Wendy.”
K.Michelle has undergone seven surgeries to remove the silicone from her body which she says became life-threatening after 6 years. She has since become an advocate to educate women about silicone butt implants which are dangerous to life and limb. However, K. The singer has come out swinging at blogs that misconstrued what Wendy said. I changed my life, but it’s crazy some people just won’t let me be. “You couldn’t post this part the positive side,” she continues. “…I begged God if he let me live to see my son graduate I would be a better woman. She cracked her jokes like much of you and said what she said. She also said this. Michelle says she is still trying to face health appointments following the butt implant disaster. Michelle isn’t playing with the unnamed “blogs” who she accused of editing out the entire statements made by Wendy to make the news shocking and deliberately sensational. I decided to be transparent and at least try to help a young woman be better than me. Michelle’s journey to get her butt implants removed. View this post on Instagram

A post shared by K. Michelle is responding to Wendy Williams telling her audience an elaborate and embarrassing story involving Idris Elba. “If your going to report the story report the whole thing blogs. Michelle, she has always been transparent about why she had plastic surgery and why she removed it. Michelle, and they are bored with their own lives, you’re mad because she sings and you’re mad because she yoddles and you’re mad because this coming summer her now country album is coming out, you’re mad.”
According to K. One audience member even screamed at the gory details as the talk show host went into enough details to make you cringe. “I think we all know that nothing deflated there’s nothing to deflate I have extra skin and praying next week is my last surgery. She said the singer was “bleeding silicones on Idris Elba’s sheets,” which led to people online dragging her for being a mean girl. I could’ve hid everything but it’s my truth.”

A clip she shared has another part of the entire clip by Wendy in which Wendy says she feels people are “secretly very jealous of K. Michelle (@kmichellemusic)