K.A.A.N. – One Time Lyrics

All my nigga’s get hard to this (2x)
One time (2x)
All my nigga’s get hard to this (2x)
One time (2x)
(4x) [Verse 1]
Cold and steady nigga i’m an artifact
Your heart attack but that don’t mean you are living
Harsh reality’s given, put it all in a sentence
Going hard pushing limits
I really do this I’m fluent with it
Right now it’s second nature
I’m just plotting quietly cause
I am more what I am currently not the currency
Speak a piece of mind do you understand
My lingo, bingo, comprende
I’m not materialistic, my vision is seeping in
I see it like CNN
It’s hard to describe I only view it in colors
No other choice but to move on
Allow me to walk by, I swear it’s a short life
My time I will spent it wise
Revise what I want and that’s if I felt it was needed
Never try to intrude
I’m just trying to improve
I want this more than anything
So all this shit that I lose I wasn’t meant to have anyways
It’s sad to see it go away
I’m holding out for brighter days
I’m quite amazed that the turn of my life has made look
I went from manual labor to lacing tracks with the truth
I gave you nothing but love even the moments I hate
No pessimistic involve it’s positive energy boy
I send my praise to the Most High then the blessing received
Shit I am grateful for life I’m content to be
I feel mentally free no longer chain like the weak
Yes lawd
All my nigga’s get hard to this (2x)
One time (2x)
[Verse 2]
A true teller that’s all I have ever been
And lately nigga I’ve been feeling like a veteran
A long list other motherfuckers that I’m better than
Never say name though, not in my angle
Ain’t no place I can’t go headed to the top
They try to hold me down like an anchor
The fucking thinking I ain’t saying I’ll survive
My mind is like a Genius and a poet all in one
I gets it done like lithium [?]
I repeat we shall defeat the evils
Fuck away from us
Nothing you can say to us
We did this shit all by ourselves with no wealth
So my apologies if I’m not amused
But what I do is not for the faint of heart
You’re easily consumed by lies of deceit
Look I gave you nothing but classic volumes is never archaic
Let me display my talent so you can judge and critique
Tell me i’m not unique and then place me on a pedestal
To sweep me off my feet I realize what I have
My gift of gab is amazing I fade away with the cadence
That’s why i’m leaving for now
The re-approach in a second
Hope my message of kindness has been a kindness reminder
Let me perceive with an act of the game that’s been sold separately lawd!