Justin Bieber – New One Lyrics

Back to the crib for two minutes, I got something to do
Yeah, you get it
Yeah I copped something new, a new getup
Yeah, phone coming through, you keep your head up
Gotta have all the new kicks, better have all the new tricks
And my bank go [?], gotta have all the new whips
Gotta have all the new chicks, my bad, I’m sick
Never had a problem with a money clip
Paper always glazed like a honey dip
I was always raised like “Honey, quit”
I’m just being funny with this funny shit JUSTIN BIEBERNew One Lyrics
Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah
Oh, oh yeah, oh yeah
I pull up in my new whip, baby, that’s my new one
You ask me who my crew is, baby there’s no new ones
And I’m just saying “deuces,” I just need a new one
(I, I just need a new one, I, I just need that brand new one, yeah)
They just wanna play with me, they just wanna play with me
Just got back from the Middle East
Maybe just a little [?], still wanna play with me?