Judas’ ‘Kiss’ of Betrayal of Jesus Was More Diabolical Than What Has Been Thought

Judas moved while he had the opportunity to profit and was induced by his father who also benefited by being a hero to the Pharisees."Schulz believes many empowering lessons have been lost by not observing the roles particular people played in the Gospels, such as Judas’ father. Schulz believes Biblical Scholars over the centuries have bungled the family story of the Resurrection accounts and the dastardly betrayal of Jesus.Schulz believes the original Gospel writers thought Jesus’ betrayal was a critical fact for Christians to comprehend. Therefore they name Judas’ father seven times and communicate an event that precedes Judas’ betrayal of Jesus in all four Gospels. He knew very well what the Jewish leaders’ plans were for Jesus and he thought to himself: you want a kiss Jesus – I will give you a kiss. Schulz believes John could be telling us when Jesus arrived in Bethany not when the dinner took place, as in many instances in the Gospels writers rarely tell us the discourse of time on every event. Schulz states the main reason for the confusion over the four accounts not being the same episode could easily be explained. Jesus Himself states the woman’s action towards Him would be in all Gospels which is tied together with Jesus’ discourse with Judas’ Father. Paul Schulz, Jesus’ Family Ministries, 503-522-2538, [email protected] MILWAUKIE, Ore., April 14, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ — Judas’ "Kiss" was more diabolical than what has been thought, and his father played a pivotal role in the betrayal of Jesus, according to a book released in paperback this week called "Joseph is Dead," authored by D. That since John told us the Jewish leaders also want Lazarus dead we should understand they are antagonistic towards anyone Jesus healed. Judas’ father was a leper that Jesus healed, According to D. Paul Schulz, founder of Jesus’ Family Ministries. The Scholars believe the Gospel of John is stating the event took place six days before the feast whereas Matthew writes two. That is their interpretation of what the writers are conveying. Over the centuries, Scholars get hung up one word or by not seeing the big picture; the Gospels complement each other by telling us the highlights from different perspectives. According to Schulz, they should pay attention to the number of occurrences Simon is named: seven, which is a number highlighted for its importance throughout the Scriptures. Then there was dinner where a woman anoints Jesus, and Judas and his father are outraged that such an expensive ointment was used on Him and that He showed grace to a sinner."Judas’ father was not only a Pharisee but also a leper. The Gospel of John names Simon twice as Judas father, but Bible Scholars refuse to believe the four accounts are the same episode. Paul Schulz in his new book "Joseph is Dead" Contact: D. Schulz believes Biblical context should take precedence over microscopic interpretations.Jesus’ Family Ministries FacebookJesus’ Family Ministries Twitter

Tweet Schulz says, "Matthew sets the story up by writing that the Jewish leaders do not want to take Jesus during the feast, but afterward, they have plans to kill Him. Schulz states, "Some deduction is needed in the interpretations since Judas’ father was a  former leper then we should understand who it was that healed him. Since Simon was a Pharisee, he wanted to be accepted and not be known as a follower of Jesus." Schulz contends, "Simon knew of these plans and convinced  Judas to move against Jesus; since He was going to be killed anyways Judas should profit from it.  Judas kissed Jesus as he brought soldiers against Him clinching the connection of Jesus’ conversation with his father, when Jesus asked Simon why he didn’t greet Him with a kiss." Schulz continues, saying, "Judas’ Kiss shows pure spite, not some naive person who didn’t know they were going to kill Jesus.