Journalist Billy Hallowell Tackles ‘Fake News,’ Bias and the Secular Forces at Work in Media, Hollywood and Universities

"It puts free speech in a really dangerous place."Actress and author Candace Cameron Bure said, "Fault Line is a great read for those looking to understand where we are morally and how our collective cultural values have changed."Hallowell is the former faith editor of and the current senior editor of "And the beginnings of a cultural earthquake are most certainly afoot. These are just two of the essential cultural questions journalist and author Billy Hallowell explores in his new book "Fault Line: How a Seismic Shift in Culture Is Destroying America and Shaping the Next Generation".Hallowell reveals the anti-Christian biases concealed in society’s main informational venues — the media, entertainment industry, and university system. From a transformation in traditional moral understandings to shifting theological alliances, society is, in many ways, at a bizarre and troubling turning point."Armed with facts and statistics as well as quotes from famed Christian thinkers such as renowned apologist Josh McDowell, Hallowell exposes the informational problem that’s putting free speech at risk and offers practical steps for conservatives and Christians in the face of these powerful cultural forces. Share
Tweet Hallowell’s Fault Line helps readers understand the informational battle being waged against Christian and conservative values through the media, Hollywood and academia, revealing how Americans’ collective morality has dramatically changed in recent years — and how these informational paradigms continue to play a massive role in that evolution.At the center of the issue, Hallowell says, is at its worst a deep and embedded bias against Christian values and, at the least, a deeply held ignorance. Contact: Pathufind Media, 585-503-1777, [email protected] LAKE MARY, Fla., April 4, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ — Is President Donald Trump right to label the mainstream media "fake news?" Are Hollywood and universities indoctrinating Americans at an alarming rate? He says these secularized platforms are painting an inaccurate portrait of Christianity, reinforcing negative values, putting free speech at risk, and ultimately overturning the biblical principles that have formed our society."The collective situation has created a fault line," says Hallowell. Either way, the impact is the same: indoctrination and skewed views."When these arenas leave perspectives out — when there’s not full representation of what people believe in those cultural arenas — that poses a major problem, especially when Hollywood, media and universities go out of their way to represent progressive values," Hallowell said.