Joe Henry – Fuse Lyrics

And it would take,
All the world to go,
The town will burn,
For all you know. And there she goes. She speaks your name,
Like it was proof. You say I’ll stand guard down here, she stands in the
With a pony on the tether pulling cold and sugarcane. Here comes the night, there go your knees, reaching for
the floor. The carnies kick the gravel,
And they wait for you in town,
They pull back on the lever,
And they bring the truck around. And when she calls upon the dead,
To stand up in her place,
They’ll raise the roof up overhead,
And speak out from her face. There go your knees. But her fingers on her lips
Are like a penny for a fuse. There go the dead. She’s a-hauling cane like it was gold. Out through the roof. And fish jump in her boat all day,
And flog your feet like steel.