Joe Bidden Clears The Air Details Why His Podcast Implode, Rory Breaks Silence

“Bitch, where did the check come from that you cashed?” he questioned. “That can’t continue to happen. “I’m not skirting around my career successes because these two gentlemen may see it another way,” Joe Budden began. Love. The ex-rapper decided to speak directly to the fans of his The Joe Budden Podcast and delivered a 30-minute explanation of why the show imploded earlier today, May 13. — Rory (@thisisrory) May 13, 2021

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Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window) He also took the time out to address the accusations that he had been somehow stealing from his co-hosts. Nothing you say matters in the accounting,” he continued. what an era .. Even though fans knew there was some tension between the team after Rory and Mal went on strike in March, Budden admitted that the issues ran deeper than what was made public knowledge. what an era .. He also confirmed that the show is not over as he intends to carry on The Joe Budden Podcast, most likely by himself or with guest speakers like he did when the rest of the team went on strike. any value starts & ends with y’all .. “I think they think the Spotify deal was worth a lot more than whatever I reported. thank you to everyone that listened, supported, told their friends about us, bought a subscription, ticket, or merch .. Rory also broke his silence on his firing from the podcast and is rumored to be seeking legal advice. I believe they didn’t read it. If you don’t seal it up, it can come back to bite you again. “There’s been a lot of nasty accusations of thievery and questions about shit from n-ggas who can’t question me about shit and I can’t say that because we’re friends. If it’s one thing that’s guaranteed with Joe Budden, it’s that he’s not going to hold back, and he’s always going to speak his truth. He said this was because he had a duty to protect the podcast and network, which at the end of the day is his multi-million dollar venture. “I got too much going on for these two brothers come and tell me how this thing is supposed to run and all of the accounting that people provided was fraudulent,” Budden said. That’s what’s been going on since the second year of the Spotify deal,” he shared. These n-ggas been beefing about accounting for three years. He added that he believed that they felt there was a lot more money in the Spotify deal than what he told them. “I believe at the time of the implosion, these gentlemen didn’t have any idea what was in their contract. I’ll get to that messy shit soon but in the meantime I’m here to celebrate an amazing run!! thank you to everyone that listened, supported, told their friends about us, bought a subscription, ticket, or merch .. No. Mannn .. They might think I’m pulling something else funny with a deal from somewhere else and I made tens of millions of dollars and reported it as one million and pocketed the money,” he added. He also chose to clear the air on that. Mal hasn’t made any statement as yet, but Joe Budden had a lot to say about why the show, as we know it, might be gone for good. any value starts & ends with y’all .. I’ll get to that messy shit soon but in the meantime I’m here to celebrate an amazing run!! He added that he also wanted to speak with Mal alone, but he hadn’t returned any of his numerous phone calls and texts. — Rory (@thisisrory) May 13, 2021

I just read that back and it sounded like the Bow Wow “Thank You” record smfh? “Mannn .. As the news spread via social media, it became a dominant topic on Twitter. He said it was only a matter of time before he knew that things would boil over. It looks like we’ll just have to wait and see what happens with the team from this point. I think they negotiated it, but do I think they were all the way aware of what the contract said? Do I think in their accounting mission, did they find out what the contract said? Yes.”
Joe Budden added that even though he, Rory and Mal, were good friends, he did not believe that it gave them the right to know about all the financial details and bookkeeping. In the snippet of conversation that was played yesterday, it seems the trio’s real argument was over money. Love,” he tweeted. The way that I go about conducting business cannot be affected by people that cannot affect it. He also has no problem having a conversation with Rory if it comes down to that. It was reported yesterday, May 12, that he fired Rory on the air after some questions were raised about sponsorship and endorsement deals.