Jethro Tull – Back Door Angels Lyrics

And next time the die is cast,
He’ll throw a six or two. And sweep all the country clean
With pressed and scented wild-flowers. In and out of the back-door ran
One front-door angel,
Her hair was a golden-brown
She smiled and I think she winked her eye. They carry their candles high
And they light the dark hours. ‘Tis said they put we men to sleep
With just a whisper,
And touch the heads of dying dogs
And make them linger. In and out of the front door,
Ran twelve back-door angels. Think I’ll sit down and invent some fool
Some Grand Court Jester. Their hair was a golden-brown
They didn’t see me wink my eye. And call it the name they choose,
Having chosen nothing. They grow all their roses red,
And paint our skies blue
Drop one penny in every second bowl
Make half the beggars lose,
Why do the faithful have such a will
To believe in something?