Jarren Benton – $30K Mink (The Mink Coat Killa Lp)

Do something with yourself you funky dog-faced bitch
Lord Benton
Church Man, woman and child go buy the fucking album
Sneaker addict, I stay killing shit, Grim Reaper at it
Pardon me, don’t mean to be dramatic
Y’all niggas fake like the easter rabbit
A line of coke will make me see sporadic
Detail the whip tell ’em to clean the fabric
Uhh, I’m going back to Cali
She too ghetto for that five star, took that hoe to Rallys
I got that bitch the number 2
Mink Coat Killa tell them pussy ass niggas that they summer’s through
I might perform at bonnaroo
Ooh, Piss on your grave, real niggas will never honor you
Blaow, Sarah connor let the llama loose
Ay rest in peace niggas salute pour out 100 proof
Yeah, I’m just talking my shit, fuck this shit, let me go again

Verse 2
My goons rip the draco
Blunts top me off a Winnebago
I take my bitch shoe shopping on Rodeo
It’s all about the pesos, money talks case closed
Real niggas never break O’s
Death threats will make ’em holler’ peace
Tommy wearing breakers cream wallabies
Fuck y’all apologies
Bullets in the back of the king’s head
I don’t respect a nigga that would steal from his family because he need bread
The people still need water in Flint
And they worry bout’ the border, nigga, Karma’s a bitch
Bless the kid that gotta grow up like, "My father’s a snitch."
King Benton, I probably got your broad on my dick
Ugh, I’m slick like Micheal Jackson’s loafers
Mud on my kicks this motherfucking sofa
I walk out the crib like "Where the fuck the chauffeur?"
[?] and hold a pistol like motherfuck the holster, nigga
Goddamn man
I’m just talkin’ my shit, man
Mink Coat Killa man
I appreciate y’all niggas for tuning in
8Track on the beat
Spitzwell on the muthafuckin buttons and shit
It’s the God baby
You see the way this muthafuckin mink fit
And you never met a nigga with hundred thousand dollar minks on his bad bitch
30 thousand dollar minks bitch
You know what I’m saying, bitch? Verse 1
Yeah, uh
Too many dickriders, not enough trendsetters, I spend cheddar
On Coogi men sweaters, rugers for the vendettas
These niggas been hatin’ so pussy they menstruating
Fly nigga with thin patience, Ben Franklins
Rain on bitches when they droppin’ their thongs
It’s the god, when they play this, Flex drop me a bomb
Never joined a band but I went and got me a drum
Hunnid rounds to your face when the ox in my palm
Salute to statin’, If they ain’t heard of Benton, you should slap ’em.