Jada Kingdom Addresses Suicide Rumors & Speak On Weight Loss

I needed a social media detox and I took a two week break and that was the best two weeks of my f**king life. Rice was my best friend.” She explained that her weight would fluctuate weekly, and due to being depressed nothing mattered to her. “I was ready to die,” the singer said. The singer ended her live video by warning fans to be careful who they trust. Addressing rumors of skin bleaching, she stated, “Mi nah bleach. So it did unda deh areddi, girl did just thicka dan she fi thick. Jada Kingdom then went on to make a shocking revelation, telling viewers that she had been diagnosed with diabetes in 2016, in addition to suffering from bipolar depression. You guys should try it,” she added. Mi don’t trouble people until dem trouble me, and yuh see how mi never trouble you and yuh call up mi name say mi no bad like Yuh? And gyal did look nice from morning. The dancehall singer took to Instagram live, alongside a friend, to speak about several stories that have been circulating in the media in recent weeks. Now that she is a better version of herself, Jada said people are just stuck on who she was in the past. On a lighter note, Jada and her friend also showed off some dancing skills as she hopped onto Spice’s #GoDownDeh challenge. “This rumor was going around, saying I was in the hospital, that I tried to commit suicide, that’s a lie. “To be honest mi give thanks fi Verse because if a neva fi Verse, honestly mi feel like mi woulda like lost certain way. Jada Kingdom has once again taken to social media to address rumors claiming that she tried to commit suicide. She said, “I was eating a bunch of foolishness, everything fried. Verse literally is like one of the best thing weh eva happen to mi inna mi entire f**king life.”
She spoke on eating better, doing liquid diets, becoming a pescatarian for over two years, and generally starting to take better care of her body. Period.”
“So everybody inna mi inbox a talk bout how mi do surgery pon mi stomach, f**k you!” the singer added. Wi never just walk and just pick it up so, a God gi wi. Aright den WATCH MI AND YUH (When mi wake up later) #godowndehchallenge get serious now.”

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The two artists have a beautiful friendship that is blossoming right before their fans’ eyes, and they love every minute of it. Share this:

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Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window) Eat clean, live clean, pray, trust God, that’s it.” She again dismissed rumors that she was doing drugs, saying her personality is just naturally lit. The singer recently posted another video on her Instagram story where she cursed out haters for spreading rumors that she was taking cocaine. Spice reposted the IG Live clip and added the caption, “@jadakingdom yuh see me? Wining her waistline and showing some serious knee strength, Jada bellowed, “Yuh nuh bad like mi Spice, Yuh nuh bad like me,” while her friend cheered her on. Sadly Jada wasn’t able to keep up as she hilariously fell over onto the ground. That’s a f**king lie. Spice has now promised to go Live on Instagram to take Jada on, and her bevy of fans are already declaring her the winner. Jada Kingdom said, “Bear in mind a so gyal born, shape good run inna the family.”
Checking to ensure that her friend was understanding her patois, Jada Kingdom continued, “Shape good run inna the family. The first issue she touched on was rumors of her having had plastic surgery. She also encouraged persons interested in music not to give up, as they will encounter challenges and have failures, but they should remain determined. Jada also dispelled rumors that she was beefing with another female artiste, saying, “I ain’t got no beef with nobody.”
On the matter of her alleged hospitalization and subsequent suicide watch placement, the Dancehall singer said this was an outright lie.