J. Cole Recreates Iconic Forest Hill Drive Photo In New “Dreamer 2” Puma Sneakers

Giving fans false hope for new music once again, J. First colorway “January 28th” available 1/28 online @puma and @footlockerFollow @DreamerOnlyFans pic.twitter.com/O5xzT46vo0
— J. my bad. Cole is fairly safe bet considering that his manager, Ibrahim “Ib” Hamad, recently posted a picture of the rapper on a music video set. Cole played with fans’ emotions in a similar way back in December when he announced the RS-Dreamers shoe. He captioned the photo, “Had to get back on the roof. This time with my own sh*t on. — J. Had to get back on the roof. Cole finally does release new music. Let’s hope that all these references to the highly successful project are indicative of the quality we can expect once J. pic.twitter.com/QtXrBc0xqV
— Corn? Cole (@JColeNC) January 21, 2021

Forgot to how to use Twitter ????? First colorway “January 28th” available 1/28 online @puma and @footlocker”. DREAMER 2. At first glance the post may have appeared to many as an announcement for a follow-up album, but alas, Cole was only promoting his new footwear in collaboration with Puma. Lemme try that one more time. Following the inauguration of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris on Wednesday, January 20th, the internet was flooded with memes featuring Senator Bernie Sanders as he was seen at the event, bundled up in a sensible jacket and mittens. Cole took to Twitter on Thursday, January 21st, to post a new shot of himself sitting on the roof of his childhood home just as he is pictured on the cover of his classic album, 2014 Forest Hills Drive. This time with my own shit on. One of those memes placed Bernie atop the roof famously used for Cole’s iconic album cover, and the photoshopped image went viral among hip hop fans and Bernie supporters alike. Cole recreates his iconic Forest Hill Drive rooftop photo to help push his new Dreamer 2 Puma sneakers. The shoe promotion wasn’t the only tribute to 2014 Forest Hills Drive made this week. The price of the new kicks has not yet been announced but we can expect them to hit stores and online retailers just in time for Cole’s 36th birthday on January 28th. Cole (@JColeNC) January 21, 2021

Of course there’s the Bernie Sanders memes. J. Despite the false alarms, expecting new music from J. (@snyyrid) January 21, 2021

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