Inviting Muslims to Christ

What does the Bible and Quran teach about Jesus, Christians, and Jews? 
Included are a search for the Truth, having mutual respect for each other’s religious text, both the Bible and the Quran. These topics, and more, are reviewed in response to passages in the Bible and Quran. Also, prayers of support and charts comparing Jesus of the Bible and Isa of the Quran. Also included is a bibliography that references resources for further study.This book presents the Good News with respect and clarity; and explanations of Muslim beliefs that will assist in understanding the foundations of both Christianity and Islam.Inviting Muslims to Christ, addresses the need to provide a theologically based presentation of the Good News to Muslims worldwide. [email protected] (281) 304-2895 As well as comparisons of Biblical and Quranic text. Please visit our Facebook Page @Inviting Muslims to Christ.May the Lord God’s Presence and Blessings by yours in abundance this Christmas Season!ContactRandall Ireland M.Div.
22, 2016 /Christian Newswire/ — The following is submitted by Author Randall Ireland M.Div., : Inviting Muslims To Christ — A Clear Path to Salvation Including Quotations & Commentary from the Bible and QuranContact: Randall Ireland M.Div., 281-304-2895, [email protected]OPINION, Dec.
As we compare the message of the Bible and the Quran shouldn’t we be aware of those passages that are mutually exclusive between Christianity and Islam?

What do we find when we review the 100 Names of the Lord God and the 99 Names of Allah?

What is the importance of seeking The Truth? 
How can a Muslim receive salvation and have a personal faith relationship with the Lord God of Christianity? 
As we reach out with the Good News of the Gospel how can we be more effective in our witness by understanding the salvation process in Islam? 
About five years ago, I asked myself a series of questions:

What do we understand about salvation in the Islamic Faith? 
What does the church in America understand about Islamic Beliefs? 
The result of these five years of prayer and study has been the book Inviting Muslims to Christ, which is available through Amazon here.A summary of the major topics includes:
How did the Early Church receive the Lord God’s revelation of the Trinity?