Insane Clown Posse – Gone Lyrics

Verse 1: [Violent J]
Everything is so clear, Easter, Fresh in my head
The beautiful girl, and everything is said
We lay in my bed, for now we just lay
I could only dream you'd be mine one day
My dream came true, although it took long
You kissed me on the bed to the Pearl Jam song. (Don't, don't, don't let me, Don't don't don't let me down)
(Nothing anyone can ever say or do,will change the fact that you were once mine)
Verse 3: [Violent J]
Its all only worth half, everything I do, Half way done, half without you, I play for a chance to make it all right. Its hell everyday (and worse every night)
But i'm alright though, my life is still worth living, just knowing that you're on this earth, But you're not with me, I'm left far behind, but its nobody ones fault but mine that you're gone (don't don't don't (its the fault of mine) Don't let me down)
(I'll never meet anybody as fresh as you, and if I do, it won't be the same as you, but you chose someone else over me, so f*ck it, now I'm (?) )
[Chorus] x3 He heh
I remember all this just like it was yesterday (It wasn't yesterday)
You called me everywhere, together every hour, even in the shower (Slept in the shower)
You took me by your house, you told me you were scared, that I would think you were rich, somehow you cared what I thought
You even spent your every dime on me, but more than that, you spent your time with a fool, that couldn't hold a gem like you down, for very long.. now tell me if its gone (Don't don't don't let me, don't don't don't let me down)
I lived my life in an endless fight and just when everything's right I look and you're gone
I prey for a chance to make it all up, I knock on the door and remain shut I look and you're gone
I've tried to be strong, can't take it for long, I still don't know what went wrong I look and you're gone
I've tried everything, I'm on my last string, I'm stuck here under you're wing I look and you're gone
(I'm straight cause I still got memories, that'll be with me for life)
Verse 2: [Violent J]
If I came home late, my day had been rough (Sometimes you would break out with that whale stuff) You'd cook dinner, chicken and spaghetti sauce, in a house, where only you took a loss
You had a new car, you could hardly drive, 'cause you had a 95, and a dive, I was broke and you supported my dream, this makes it our dream, we were a team
When it came true, I left you why, when I look at all this, I wanna die, You were there, you hung on until you fell (A woman like you didn't need that hell)
Even if I never see you again, Its so important that you hear me, and understand, that I'm sorry, I love you, I never meant wrong, and now I gotta ask myself, is it gone?