Imperius Rex

I Chewbacca’d your chicken
Chin checkin’ your chest
Get chopped champ
Got stamped by the Boot from the Camp
I’m provin’ I can, I’m provin’ you fake
Like you movin’ them grams
Of Peruvian flakes
I am truly a ape
Caesar the leader
Put two in ya face (BONG PONG)
Bleed where I leave ya
Do deeds of a demon
You do deeds of a diva
Sarafina, Abner Louima
Bieber’s a cleaner
Believe what I feed ya
I feed the believers
Knowledge Wisdom Understanding
Sativa’s a creepa
College, prison, gun in hand
Put ya seed in a sleeper
Got a vision
Summer Jam
With my speech in the speakers
I’m not Martin Luther (Luther)
I’m flop corner loser
On the block poppin’ Rugers (BONG BONG PONG)
I’m not Martin Luther
I’m flop corner loser
On the block sparkin’ Buddha
Most definite
Effortless when spittin’ these degrees
Ruckus rule shit, get down when the tool click
Tool spit back
Impact is like a mule kick
P nice and funky fire
I will fuck you up
He Cipher Monkey Cipher
Medicated, dedicated bastard
Attain the Educated Rapper
Clowns be seated
Bow down to the world renown
Brownsville Jesus
Damage a dude
Sleep ya brother’s keeper
Peep the Family Feud
Listen Pa, I am not in the mood
Watch you step
Get ’em Bob
Shot him right in the shoes
The rhyme is incredible, king
I do floss
The mind is a terrible thing
To Lou Rawls Lyrics to ‘Imperius Rex’ by Sean Price:

Mic check
Peck, peck on Bernadette neck
Big breasts, I’m erect
Let’s have some sex
Uh… titties feel the best now
I can…
…Yo, yo yo hold on
Yo, what the fuck man? P! –Verse 2–
You wanna see me get rude? Spit that monkey shit, nigga
We gorillas, nigga
Ape don’t kill ape
Yo spit that real shit, nigga
–Verse 1–
Yo… P! Fuck is you talkin’ ’bout man?