Illogic – Pick Pocket Lyrics

Lost your usefulness, so unscrupulous it’s humorous
My job’s devouring, not amusing you, sorry if I'm losing you
I speak for the abandoned and I'm candid
Clashing with demigods is the way I planned it, dammit [Verse 1]
I've never been the type to close mouth, but I'm closed off
Just pickpocketing time for ticks as it fades
Ignoring the signs even the ones that say don't walk ‘cause hip rocket designed for clips and grenades
A devout skeptic, questions find me comfort
Tryna stand out among these mannequins as a man again
Decoding doubts, message lessons usher wonder
We frame behavior as Vader without understanding Anakin
A complex man holding on to the simple things
Diligently dicing the indignant for the fun
The ladies see the smile and they crown him the dimple king
Insisting I give them a little rhythm of the drum
Even the greats pontificate
Fate’s a foregone conclusion, and it's obvious you're using excuses
The only time truth intimidates is when justice is translucent, but I'ma keep moving ‘cause I don't plan on losing
[Sample Cuts]
[Verse 2]
Outline the notions of this potion-wielding sorcerer
Burrowing through traffic jams with battering rams and Tonto blades
Defiant to tyrants of this obstinate alliance
Tryna be unengaged through a bloviated masquerade
See self-reliance has been dying 'cause of trends
But I've been hell-bent on documenting the madness for the masses
Berating the cautious through hard drive crashes
Plus teaching classes on how to survive when the monarchy collapses
Dominant delusional prominent pacifist, musical masochist, and wonder why they're not moving you
Dining on consequences of the ludicrous with a side of foolishness
Then you got the nerve to rock a crucifix?