Hot Cross – Fortune Teller Lyrics

I’ve found my way back there. Breathe every breath like it wasn’t a count-down can’t force your way out of a dream purchased with fear. How can we sit so still when its so hard to look passed the last one you loved; so hard to find what you felt in that touch? You can’t change a mind lost to the hours held so dear, Like ostriches with head in sand we fear our desires. Wear clocks round our necks like tombstone. Bleeding out; portrayed way past a prime tripping over words and playing tricks on time. 26 years past my prime as if minutes made a difference. A point invariably moot when you’ve outgrown smarts and frustration is your strongest suit. Eastern standard time of the dead. f**k not lest ye be f**ked. Rhetorical wisdom will always prove to be a locked door a lost chance and all you’ll never see a statement betrayed like your worst enemy. HOT CROSSFortune Teller Lyrics
Caught cutting through the running tide. Keep in mind, it’s the wisest man that will always be told to forget his ego for a minute and realize that he can’t replace his ass just because he found a crack in it. How can I go on searching for these days when I’m standing among them?